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The WEVA Team is dedicated in their goal to educate War Era Veterans, their widow(er)s
families, friends and neighbors about the non-service related benefits they may be entitled to.

Because an educated claimant has the best chance at a speedy approval, we offer FREE benefit educational forums
throughout the community as well as weekly in our office. Reserve your seat today, call 949-207-7780!

  • Discover the history behind the benefit.
  • Learn the eligibility requirements.
  • Find out if you or your loved one qualifies.
  • Join in question & answer time.
  • Hear how we can help!


    Because it is our belief that every War Era Veteran/Surviving Spouse deserves to live in a worry free environment.
    We also aspire to educate all Senior Resources dedicated to our nations War Era Veterans.

    Sharing our vision! Educating the Senior Industry about the facts!
    We feel it is extremely important for the individuals working within the senior resource industry to
    not only understand that our Senior American War Era Veterans and their widow(er)s may be entitled to benefits,
    they should be educated with the facts and have the tools they need to support their families.

    If you are a senior resource representative and would like to learn more about how you can help
    American War Era Veterans and their families, please call 949-207-7780 to set up an appointment
    to meet with one of our trained veteran's benefit advocates.



    Would you like a benefit specialist to speak to your community, group, church, or organization?

    CALL 949-207-7780 or Email events@wareravet.com

    Please note: War Era Veterans is not a Veterans Services Organization and is not affiliated with the US Department of Veterans Affairs.