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Basic Qualifications


Who should apply? WASHINGTON (Dec. 19, 2006) - The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) reached out to inform wartime veterans and surviving spouses of deceased wartime veterans about an under-used, special monthly pension benefit called Aid and Attendance.

"Veterans have earned this benefit by their service to our nation." said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson. "We want to ensure that every veteran or surviving spouse who qualifies has the chance to apply."

That's good information to know, but who are these qualified individuals the VA is talking about?

All WWI widow(er)s. WWII, Korean Conflict and Veitnam veterans and thier widow(er)s may be eligible!

Approximately 16 million men and women served in the US Military during WWII alone. If we estimate that the majority of those men and woman married, that makes roughly 30 million Americans who may be entitled to benefits.

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Military Eligibility

In order to qualify for non-service related pension, the veteran must have served at least 90 days of consecutive active duty service, one day of which must have been during a war-time period.

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Medical Eligibility

The veteran or surviving spouse must be at least 65 years old or, permanently disabled without willful misconduct from the claimant in order to apply for this benefit.

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Income Eligibility

There is no imcome limit a veteran or surviving spouse can have in order to qualify for their entitlement. If an individual is spending their income on thier health expenses, they may qualify.

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Asset Eligibility

The amount of assets a veteran or spouse may have is determined on an individual basis. There are many factors taken into consideration including age, health, income and expenses.

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